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Florida Keys Wedding Photography

Helpful tips on selecting a Florida Keys Wedding Photographer
Choose what type of wedding photos you like. Are you looking for a conventional approach with mostly posed pictures? Or do you like lots of candid images where the person may not even know that his or her's picture is being taken (often called photojournalism)? Do you like the beauty style of fashion photographs? Would you like a Florida Keys wedding photographer who combines all of these styles - a diverse wedding photographer?

Then select what level of work you want from your wedding photographer. Maybe you only want pictures of your beach ceremony so having just one to three hours of photography service may be adequate for you. Some couples choose a total package which may include a pre-wedding engagement sessions, rehearsal dinner photographs, bridal portraits and lastly newlywed photos.

Think about how many photos you would like for your wedding. Some Florida Keys wedding photographers can provide you with less than one hundred photographs of your wedding day by. Higher-end photography often capture thousands of images that they will convey to you electronically for you to keep forever.

Select how many hours and level of talent you will need to process the digital files yourself. Many couples who choose wedding photographers that just give them a CD of their images discover that they lack the time, computer software or know-how to make their own albums, edit the photographs (size, color correct, etc.). Many years later, these same couples only have a stack of poorly processed photos on a CD that are not being lovingly viewed as a keepsake of their wedding day.

Choose your budget. Wedding photography costs, prints, albums, etc. usually amount to about twelve percent of the entire wedding budget.

Gail and Craig Hollenback from Abracadabra Productions have been working with Florida Keys destination wedding couples for over ten years and are experts at providing you with a custom designed wedding photography package that is perfect for you. Please visit their web site at Abracadabra to see hundreds of Florida Keys and Key West wedding photos and then take a look at their wedding photography packages. It's all right there in black and white and easy to understand. There's even a wedding photography contract for you to read and fill in. You'll have the peace of mind knowing that you booked the best wedding photographer that The Florida Keys and Key West has to offer!

Florida Keys Wedding Photographer

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