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Key West Pictures

Everyone enjoys taking Key West pictures. It seems like everywhere you look in America's Southernmost city, Key West provides a wonderful photo opportunity. From the beautiful sunrises over Key West's white sandy beaches to the world famous Key West sunset each night at Mallory Square the photography possibilities are endless for Key West photographers. As one of the oldest cities in Florida, Key West is rich in beautiful architecture. The rich Cuban and Bahamian heritage also has strong cultural influences as well.

A helpful tip when taking pictures in bright sun is to use a polarizer filter on your camera’s lens. The most common type is a circular polarizer and can be adjusted to remove unwanted glare. This type of filter brings up the deep blue skies and makes the white clouds stand out more. A polarizer filter is a must when shooting in bright sun on the water. This is also important when taking pictures while fishing from a boat or boating and water sports in general. There are also some new digital cameras on the market  from Panasonic that will let you take underwater pictures as well as video from depths when swimming and snorkeling. Great for families with children who want to get in on the act. If you are going on any kind water oriented trips, be sure to bring along a good quality zip-lock type bag to put your camera and accessories into. While not suitable for underwater use, it will keep your gear dry from occasional spray and salt. Sand too!

While shooting people in bright sun, it’s of course always good to have the sun to your back, but this of course puts the sun in your subject’s faces. This can cause them to squint and make strange faces!  A way to minimize this is to have them close their eyes, and just before you take the shot, ask them to open their eyes. Click the shot immediately before the sun light causes them distress. This trick is used often for Key West wedding photography by many Key West wedding photographers.

Another trick is when shooting sunset shots, shoot with your camera in the manual mode if possible. Of course nothing great is free, it is important for you to get to learn how to shoot with your camera in this mode. The best way is to set your exposure with the settings that you camera’s internal metering system recommends, then, manually stop down your iris by one or two f stops. This technique will bring up the rich colors of the sunset and make them appear more dramatic. If you are taking a picture of a person in front of the sunset, do the same as mentioned above, then place your subject into frame and switch on your camera’s electronic flash. The flash will sense the extra needed light for the subject and fill them properly, leaving the rich sunset untouched.

Most importantly, always make sure that your camera has a protection UV type filter on the lens. They are pretty cheap to purchase and will save you costly repairs to a scratched lens.

There are many stores in Key West that can supply you with basic photographic needs. From one hour prints to spare memory cards and film and batteries. There is a Sears, several Walgreen’s, a K-Mart and many other locations for supplies.

Enjoy your Key West picture taking and be sure to check out the pictures and videos that we have on You may consider creating a Key West photo guide with your own pictures!
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